Monday, November 7, 2016

Is CRYOGOVERNANCE the State of the Future?

CryoGovernance – Government of Tomorrow?
I think we need a new government with a new financial system. What we have now is, exclusive power for the state, to collect money from the society explicitly as tax. State then serves the society, whether the society asks for it or not. People then struggle with taxes, looks for ways to escape, and they succeed in lessening their burden to some extent. State then finds itself with fresh wants, and legislates for more tax. This is a vicious circle, to say the least.
What is important is to note that, here, all have their parts well defined. The state’s part, of collecting taxes and delivering service, and the people’s part, of paying taxes and enjoying services rendered by the state, are so designed that if done properly, all will be in equilibrium. And we have a society, in peace for perpetuity. But like the romantic story of the perpetual motion machine, that doesn’t happen. Either the state fails in providing services and accusing insufficient collection of taxes as the culprit, or the people unhappy with their life and accusing exorbitant taxes as the cause, takes place constantly. Last many centuries or more we are continuously living with this.
Why we can’t think about a change? Imagine a society with no taxes of any nature. The state charges a price for the services it renders. Those who are on the higher ends of income, or those of a higher standard of living are the ones using more of such services. This then has the potential to distribute the cost of governance in more or less true proportion to those availing the facilities provided by the government. Also, the pricing can be made to suit the doctrines of the society, enabling the government in its favorite pastime of the present, distributive justice.
The benefits from such a form of government are immense. There will be huge reduction in the size of governmental machinery, and a great decrease in the cost of governance. The additional revenue thus available for peoples’ welfare can then be directed to many imaginative and farsighted schemes. More people can now devote their ability in gainful, productive activities, increasing the velocity of transactions many fold with consequential increase in society’s wealth, adding to the means of government, many fold. This can now flow back to the society as improvements to infrastructure, further adding to the opportunities of gainful vocations.
Perhaps like cryobiology, cryosurgery or cryogenic treatment, all of which offers unparalleled advantages, giving one, the edge in the competition against manufacturing costs, product superiority and the process outcome, this can be called ‘cryogovernance’, the government of tomorrow. Just like the cryo… series of technologies opening up many new vistas for material science, this form of government can lead to a whole new bunch of opportunities, be it in the generation of revenue, the provision of governmental services, or, people’s welfare.
I think that will make us more ‘future ready’.

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