Friday, November 25, 2016

Book Review: Active Patience: A Simple Guide to Productive Writing

Active Patience: A Simple Guide to Productive Writing by NC Harley
This is a help for those struggling and frustrated with writing ones book. But it can be of help, to all those, who constantly start various projects only to shelve them.
Mentioning at the outset that the hope of achieving overnight success, the lure of procrastination or the desire for instant gratification are some of the barriers we need to remove, the author proceeds to introduce the idea of active patience. This is discussed as a combination of nine habits of success. Those are:
Habit 1. Change your mindset, without making a great change to ones outlook.
Habit 2. Let go of the ideal, that is, not having firm expectations such that there is no feeling of failure.
Habit 3. Shut that inner critic up for good; there is no more "I told you so".
Habit 4. Work consistently, ie., focusing on the task in hand.
Habit 5. Think Zen, do Zen, priority always to maintain ones energy.
Habit 6. Train for delayed gratification, concetrate on final results.
Habit 7. Practice Patience, make it an active part of ones routine.
Habit 8. Active reflection, continue to brainstorm the results.
Habit 9. The low-information diet, absorb fully in ones world.
Habit 10. Kill perfectionism, have always an inclusive view
I found many of the suggestions of this book, a deviation from the norm. Because of that itself, it is worth a try. And these look quite logical too, and feasible to be applied to all people interested in gainful activities. Some of the suggestions, like habit 6, is a boon, not only to writers, but also to those involved in planning, widely acknowledged as the heart of production. Congratulations NC Harley