Wednesday, November 23, 2016


'THINKING FOR RESULTS' by CHRISTIAN LARSON discusses the major parameters of a distinct human trade-thought.

To think, the book says, according to the laws of growth and with a definite purpose—to laythe foundation of scientific thinking-four essentials are needed.
The first is to carry on thinking, always in the attitude of right mental states.  The way we think will directly determine the results that are to be attained.
The second is to think only such thoughts as will push your work and that will constantly promote your present purpose in life. That is, all thinking should move toward the greater, the larger and the superior.
The third is to employ only such creative processes in the mind as will tend directly to produce the larger, the better and the superior. Think that which is inherently true.
And the fourth is to think only the real truth about all things; that is, to fashion all thought according to the most perfect mental conception that can be formed of the real in everything of which we may think. The guiding principle being, to think that there is more in everything than what appears on the surface.

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