Friday, November 4, 2016

Book Review: Conversation Fitness

Conversation Fitness’ By Miquiel Banks is a book of modern aphorisms, provoking ideas and humorous notes on a variety of subjects. These are good fit as conversation starters, ice breakers, or, for simply enjoying. When we say ‘don’t put your hopes high’, do we have short people in mind? Though we ‘turn on light’, why is it that we never turn off darkness? If a firefighter is needed to douse fire, when will we need a freedom fighter? In the twelve chapters to follow this, the author travels through many aspects of social life to come out with many more gems off this genre. Some of these caught me instantly, like ‘Why do women want their rights and men find the right to want women’. Some of these hide a metaphysical twist. Like, ‘I am a coward. I am alive only because I am afraid to do suicide’. Or, ‘Knowing the path to exploitation is essential for understanding human nature’. A few are there, quite poetic in nature. Like, ‘Nostalgia polishes the pathways of my heart, and joy streams across..’ I found the one about creativity, just great. ‘We acknowledge ours, but blame others for using theirs’.
This book certainly prepared me for a few interesting conversations, which I am looking forward to. Finally, I think I should add to what the author says. ‘We imagine joy, experience life, taste failure, but chew discord’, and relish good books, this being one such.

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