Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Another Thought

Another area where significant changes can be expected to happen (where changes are needed too!) in the near future, I think, is language. This shall be to compensate for a regular inconvenience we all face in our life. That is, we find it difficult to take a position, which is neither in agreement or not in disagreement with an entity. In fact it is the absence of a concise word or expression for such an attitude that compels the mankind to a position of conflict, even in cases where there is no natural cause for divide.
I think language reflect ones idea of self and all that encompass it. And our idea of the world around us taught us to think in terms of up or down, left or right, dark or light, and many other combinations of entities that are easily discernible, regular in occurence, and clearly definable. Now that our foray into the micro world is yielding new concepts almost every day, most of which are bordering on our ideas of the imaginary, shouldn't our language be enriched appropriately to reflect this? What can be called a softened outlook giving rise to streams of mellowed vocabulory? Which could say unequivacally, for example, something that is not good need not be bad. Same way, something not good need not be bad either.
As we continue in this manner, our life and living, certain fundamental changes can be expected in our philosophy of life. Or the way we confront, all that we confront. Our reactions are going to be appropriate for those mellowed words, and that shall bring lasting peace?