Thursday, July 28, 2016


THOUGHT VIBRATION’ by William W. Atkinson deals with ‘The Law of Attraction’ of the thought world. Like a stone thrown into the water, thought produces ripples and waves which spread out over the great ocean of thought. There is this difference, however: the waves on the water move only on a level plane in all directions, whereas thought waves move in all directions from a common center, just as do the rays from the sun. Just as we here on earth are surrounded by a great sea of air, so are we surrounded by a great sea of Mind.  We receive only that which corresponds to what our mind is tuned to. In this, the affirmations and auto-suggestions used by the several schools of Mental Science and other New Thought cults come to be of great use. For example, the man who asserts that he can and will do a thing – and asserts it earnestly – develops in himself the qualities conducive to the well doing of that thing, and at the same time places his mind in the proper key to receive all the thought waves likely to help him in the doing.
Further chapters discuss issues related to building one’s mind, enhancing one’s willpower, and how to overcome the habit of Fear by assuming the mental attitude of Courage. Mentioning that the key to attainment is Desire, Confidence, and Will, the book mentions of the need to overcome emotions like fear and worry. While bright, cheerful and happy thoughts attract bright,cheerful  and  happy  things  to  us, worry  drives  them  away.
We may be used to regarding the emotions as something connected with “feeling” and quite divorced from intellectual effort, the author says. But one may repress, increase, develop, and change one’s emotions, just as one may regulate habits of action and lines of thought, he mentions while discussing The Psychology of Emotion. Therefore the thing to do, the author says,  is to set your mind to the keynote of courage, confidence, strength and success. That lets you attract to yourself thoughts of like nature; people of like nature; things that fit in the mental tune. Who among them will be picked up you – your prevailing thought or mood determines.
‘You are today setting into motion thought currents which will in time attract toward you, thoughts, people and conditions in harmony with the predominant note of your thought’, the author concludes.
If ‘birds of a feather flock together’, why not men of the same thought?

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