Thursday, July 21, 2016

Do we have a penchant for the Natural?

Is our penchant for the Natural, natural?
What is behind our predilection for the natural?
Nowadays, especially, there is so much value attached to that word. Things like ‘all natural whole grain goodness’, or ‘non toxic all natural household cleaning kits’, are some of the more common marketing jargons of today, amply proving this.
But it was not so some time back. Things like ‘Fortified grain’, ‘Vitalized oil’,  were the ones in great demand. Now we are discarding the fortified, or vitalized stuff, giving it a rather repulsive term, artificial, and choosing the rather feeble ones in lieu, naming them of course, with a rather agreeable word, organic.
I think we, the people, make societies. Therefore, societies behave exactly like people.
Our behavior, and our priorities in life are not the same in our childhood, youth, or old age. In a similar manner, societies, and nations which are constituted by the societies, also have their priorities changing over time.
Thus, when the world was in in its childhood, which, let us say, is the period before the industrial revolution, we witnessed a rather low demographic, cultural and economic status. The period thereafter show a burgeoning society that is ceaselessly making fast and steady leaps forward. We were at home with great changes, explorations, and successes. Now I think the world is entering its old age. The signs that we see everywhere of decadence and, an agitated and unstable state of societies, I think, is an indication that the present social setup is an unsuitable one.
We can confirm this just by looking around. See any nation of the world. Everywhere, it can be seen that more and more irrational happenings are taking place. Our penchant for the natural therefore, is just another example of the irrational.