Sunday, June 18, 2017

Peace, and No peace

What is the true reason behind the absence of peace in human societies? Is it desire? So says many. From time immemorial to these days, this is an excuse which has the support of most people, especially religious leaders.
But, I think facts speak otherwise. What has desire done? Nothing but leading mankind to a path of progress. All our inventions and discoveries owe a lot to this. It made man do, all that he did.
What else could be the cause?
We are always under the influence of four variables that affects peace. The desire to progress, Progress itself, The desire to go back to the past, and, Past itself. In one look itself, one can say: progress is natural, linked with the arrow of time. And progress cannot cause any disturbance, as it is nothing but moving in sync with times. Whereas regress certainly can, as every step we take will be against the forces of time.
Then. that is the cause. We show an ardent desire to travel back.
But, why we long to go back to our past? I think we are just choosing an easy option, since it is difficult to travel forward. You see, the desire for progress calls for greater intellectual involvement, which all people cannot.