Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Book Review: The One Skill

'The One Skill - How Mastering the Art of Letting Go will change your Life' by Leo Babauta is to help one in solving ones problems.
It invokes the Zen Buddhism thought that the root of all problems is our inability to let go.
The opening chapter of the book finds that the source of our problems, like, stress, procrastination, habits, frustration, fear, or, loss of health, are all due to our inability to let go, or lower our grip on our life.
Next couple of chapters deal with fear of failure and its effect, procrastination, and explains how, one can let go that fear. Then comes a chapter on difficult people, those who are frustating, rude and show other forms of misbehavior.
How to use distraction to ones advantage is the essence of next chapter. It also tells how focus can be used to our advantage while meeting resistance, as well as for developing letting go skills while dealing with losses.
One full chapter is devoted to specifying what letting go isn't, how it differs from 'giving up', or 'refusing to improve', or 'being evicted'
The book also has a good collection of examples to illustrate 'letting go'.
The author also discusses the benefits one can get, when he says "My hypothesis is that if you practice letting go, you’ll find yourself less angry and irritated and frustrated. You’ll wish things were different less, wonder less often why you have to suffer, be more present."