Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Perils of Co-operation

The Perils of Co-operation
Few of the most hyped words of today are:
Collaboration – Indicates entities working together for something new, a shared vision
Co-ordination – Indicates sharing, teamwork and mutual support
Co-operation – Indicates entities supporting each other
I agree, there is certain amount of overlap, in meanings conveyed by these words in actual use. In fact what I mean here by co-operation is what we get when we subtract what is shown here against the other two words from, what is shown here against that word. In fact that is only the meaning that is popularly understood. To make my point clear, let us consider the historical significance of co-operation.
Egyptian pyramid is a ‘living’ example. Suppose the people who labored to build the structure were not at all co-operating. Suppose those desirous of seeing this monument were quite determined, powerful and did not dilute their demands. That would have driven the people to the extremes of their efforts, to find a way to move those slabs of stone.
What could have been the result? We would have been having heavy earth moving machinery and related technology, at the time of the pyramids. Those entail us to have had many of the products of industrial revolution already in place. That would have advanced the modern world by a few millennia, and we today would have been ahead by those many centuries.