Thursday, February 8, 2018

Book Review: Why Evolution is Not True

'Why Evolution is Not True: Because Natural Selection Does Not Exist' by Dr. C. H. Elijah Sadaphal attempts to put the idea of evolution by natural selection as a wonderful work of the imagination. The author explains seven distinct reasons, why natural selection does not exist. To begin with, looking at Darwin’s formulations in Origin of Species, the book tells how, natural selection was never properly explained in the first place, and never was an established scientific fact but a philosophical conjecture. And, all the spurious assumptions that Darwinian evolution by natural selection is predicated upon. Thereafter, the book wonders how, natural selection becomes an established norm, without providing sufficient explanations for life at the molecular level. Why mutations are insufficient to explain the robust genetic variety of life. How adaptive force is an internal one, how natural selection can add the information necessary for life, and what can explain the rich and varied fossil record, are the other issues brought out in this book. These reasons are enough to create a “logic of implausibility”, author says.
I think one can agree with the author, the questions posed puts Darwin's theory in doubt. I think those things are made no clearer in this book. While questioning the premature assumptions Darwin resorted to, author is making even wilder assumptions in the abstract plain. Only difference is that, those are mosty spiritual entities, immune to questions!
(This is one more place, where I found my theory of the unsure male fitting well!)

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