Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We Have A Long Future Ahead!

Contrary to all predictions, I think we humans shall not have to face any surprises. We, quite likely are going to remain as humans, for a long time to come. 
Consider my take on this.
In a single day, trillions of bits of scientific data zip through cyberspace at light-speed, making a high-tech civilization possible. The world is able to sustain against the adversities and disasters that happen naturally as well as those initiated by our own thoughtless nature, thanks to the slow but contnuing improvements, we happen to get thus. In fact because of these lucky breaks, human race continues on an upswing.
While physical science and technology silently direct much of the action, millions of people around the globe still practice pseudo-science, using fortune-tellers, seers, and philosophers for their daily direction. Many world leaders regularly consult psychics, mediums, and astrologers for guidance in decisions that determine the fate of millions. In fact these (un)fortunate events are the reason, human race cannot continue its upswing for ever.
We can identify the former as our rational self, and the latter, as the irrational in us. Our life in fact is a contest between the two, where the rational always is on a winning spree. But continue to compete, we would, since the irrational never can leave us; it changes itself to align with the results of the competition.

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