Monday, February 12, 2018

Book Review: The Power of Focus

Through the stories of some well known people who survived going bankrupt, David Essel spells out the wonders, a clear vision can bring. His book, 'The Power of Focus: How to Exceed Your Own Expectations in Life, Love, Health, Career, Spirituality, Finances, Recovery, Attitude and More' examines the many facets maintaining a clear vision, that too by examining a few real life cases. Former presidents Ulysses S Grant, Thomas Jefferson, Willian McKinley, and Abraham Lincoln, Industrialists Henry Ford, William Durant (GM), Walt Disney, and actor Burt Reynolds are some of those cases.
Our desire for instant gratification destroys our focus. We tend to lose our ability to concentrate, direct, or sharpen, when we run behind a big hit or conglomerate. What is needed in such circumstances is to stay focused,  the book begins. And goes on to the next secret, the necessity to focus on one goal at a time. Also, the need to devote all the energy at one's disposal, which is introduced as The One Thing Theory. 
Another essential need, adding a sense of accountablity, is covered next. How a coach, or a partner who will be willing to ask for the uncomfortable, can make one capable of creating the desired results. How those actions can act as a reminder, as well as an encouragement.
Next chapter is a gem. For, it examines one very popular notion of these days, karma, expressing it rather intuitively. "When we start to see how often our mind is wrapped in negativity, our words are wrapped in gossip, or our actions are not as loving and kind as they need to be, we can then get a grasp of where our karma is coming from." It seems the book is repeating my idea of karma, 'It is nothing but the idle time processing of our minds, which always choose the easier path, namely, negative thoughts'.
After providing a good collection of tips, like meditation, prayer, gratitude, etc., for staying focused, the book talks of the necessity to set sublime goals. And the way to do that also is made more clear by a few real life examples.
I think I have already let my feelings known - I liked the book a great deal. And, after going through this book, focusing is child's play.