Monday, February 26, 2018

Book Review: Teaching about Evolution and the Natural Science

'Teaching about Evolution and the Natural Science' is a publication from National Academy of Sciences (, which is addressed to several groups at the center of the ongoing debate over evolution. Like teachers, other educators, and policy makers who design, deliver, and oversee classroom instruction in biology. The book summarizes the overwhelming observational evidence for evolution and suggests effective ways of teaching the subject. A good discussion about the commonly asked questions in this regard and short answers to some of the most commonly asked ones make it an attractive companion for the educator. Fairly extensive is the support provided. Like explaining the methodology of teaching evolution and clarifying related questions, how to choose appropriate instructional material, and an insight into the present position regarding the legal and moral issues involved in this.
Our goal is to understand nature, and science does a good job of relating one natural phenomenon to another and recognizing the causes and effects of phenomena. Though scientists can never be sure that a given explanation is complete and final, being thorough with tests, permits us to hold this great confidence. The theory of evolution is one of these explanations.  
This book makes it clear that evolution remains an extremely active field of research, with an abundance of new discoveries that are continually increasing our understanding of exactly how the evolution of living organisms actually occurred.
This is a simple and elegant retort to all doubting Thomases, as far as teaching evolution go. With the right degree of uncertainity it counters the arguments floated against the teaching of evolution in classrooms.