Friday, April 7, 2017

Science, evolution, and creationism: Why a Different View?

'Science, evolution, and creationism' by National Academy of Sciences. It is written to serve as a resource for people who find themselves embroiled in debates about evolution. It provides information about the role that evolution plays in modern biology and the reasons why only scientifically based explanations should be included in public school science courses. It is also directed to the broader audience of high school and college students as well as adults who wish to
become more familiar with the many strands of evidence supporting evolution and to understand why evolution is both a fact and a process that accounts for the diversity of life on Earth. 
 To reinforce the significance of this discussion, the book says, "Just a few years ago, biology teachers had to discuss “scientific creationism” — the assertion that the fossil record and the planet’s geological features are consistent with Earth and its living things being created just a few thousand years ago".
 The first chapter briefly describes the process of evolution, the nature of science, and differences between science and religion.  The second chapter examines in greater detail the many different kinds of scientific evidence that support evolution, including evidence from fields as diverse as astronomy, paleontology, comparative anatomy, molecular
biology, genetics, and anthropology. The third chapter examines several creationist perspectives, including intelligent design, and discusses the scientific and legal reasons against teaching creationist ideas in public school science classes.
I find it rather amusing to see USA, the pioneer in free thought, having troubles to come to terms with one of the earliest products of free thinking. What difficulty can a society have, which has quietly accepted all those other societies consider reprehensible, like same sex alliances. And finds it difficult to accept, what almost everyone else in the world are living with? Is this an inborn desire of the society to be unique?

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