Monday, April 3, 2017

Review: Impact #332 Evolution is Religion—Not Science

'Evolution is Religion—Not Science' by Henry M. Morris (Impact - Feb 2001) tries to prove that evolutionism is not science, but religious faith in atheism. No Bible references are included in the proof, and no statements by creationists. This attracted me.
The fact is that evolutionists believe in evolution because they want to. It is their desire at all costs to explain the origin of everything without a Creator.
Evolutionism is thus intrinsically an atheistic religion. This book however does not forward any conclusive proof why it should be so, other than affirming that evolution fails to explain life.
I think, though the author may have a  point, the supporting arguements lack credibility. Supposing we are able to decide one way or the other, whether evolution is real or not. It would have formed part of our vast treasure of scientific theories, which anyway we keep disproving and proving at intervals, say of a few centuries.
I therefore think, all the theories, evolution and creation included, are meant only to feed one of the many facets of human interest.