Thursday, April 6, 2017

Book Review: Face the Future

'Face the Future: What disruption and exponential acceleration means for you?' by JANNICK B. PEDERSEN & ANDERS HVID. This book is aimed to give a perspective from which to view technological developments – developments which will have a massive impact on our future. Not just in the guise of cool gadgets, but as fundamental changes to education, the workplace, and healthcare. In the first part, the book explains the switch from linear to exponential growth, making the transition visible and intuitive for the reader. How exponential growth, which is closely associated with the digital revolution, becomes a central feature of our future. The fast changing worlds of computing and communication with its exponential effects are discussed here.
The second part describes developments within the fields of information technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, focusing on current developments and its impact on our society.
The next and final part of the book looks at the implications of the technological developments for a number of key areas, describing how such changes led to the collapse of many market leaders like Kodak, while creating new companies like Amazon.
This is followed by a discussion about a methodology, which makes it possible to understand, discuss, and work with innovation in an increasingly accelerating technological world.
I found the topic dealt by this book quite interesting and relevant. Also, the ideas referred in this book have immense practical use. We all know that the fast technological changes bring with it, significant disruptive force. We do not identify those immediately, being hidden in cloak of innovation. This book, not only enables us to see those elements, but also proposes a set of actions to prepare us to counter the disturbances.