Monday, April 10, 2017

The Lazy Species

Humans I think are the laziest of all forms of life. One area where this is quite evident is institutional laziness. And government, an essential institution for all humans, happens to be the place, where it permeates the most.
It is a fact. All institutions on some issues and some institutions on all issues are lazy.
Take for example, freedom of speech.
Doesn't freedom of speech mean that there are no consequences?
Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of that speech.
Doesn’t it mean, as long as I am willing to face the consequences, there is no limit what I can say?
Yes, that is why we have states. And, is it not incumbent on the state to protect me from those consequences, whether I am willing to face that or not?
But that doesn’t happen. Quite subtly the state is spreading the message that freedom of speech exists, to get a place of honor among the fellow states. But the state is lazy, and it does not do anything to ensure the unhindered spread of such a lofty ideal. Even though, it knows fully well, the possible repercussions of its inaction. Quite conveniently, pre-empting people’s anger I think, a message is always aired, to the effect that the victim is as much responsible for the consequence, as the wrongdoer.
And this has permeated into all other aspects of human life as well. The one carrying something valuable is as much responsible to its theft, as the thief. Or, a woman is as much responsible to her violation, as the rapist.
Who else is the beneficiary, but the state?

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