Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Spiritual and the Material - A Review

What Differentiates the Spiritual from the Material?
Let us examine the distinctive features of both the aspects of our life, the material and the spiritual, a bit closely.
As far as the material world go, what is governing us is our predilection to things like sound logic, strong reason, and common good. From our experience, we have been constantly learning that many of our notions of the past were based on mistaken assumptions. As and when new evidence starts to emerge, we are more than ready to make whatever changes necessary. Not only that we are happy to question material matters, but also to help others doing so. As a result, our society betters, and those progressive, flourish.
But, when it comes to the spiritual world, the aim is to prevent at any cost, any change to our ancient notions. Despite our experience, we continue to stick on with the notions of the dark ages, however ill-fitting, that are. Also, disregarding society’s wrath, if a few continue with their attempts to make and mend, they are sure to face the harshest of measures. That too, of a scale much beyond what is given to the most horrendous of crimes. And I think we consider it more or less normal, if that exposes them to large scale violence and death, in addition to public display of anger and hatred. In short, in the spiritual world, those progressive, suffer.
Why should it happen this way? Are we deriving something totally different, from each? Published my ideas as ‘hubs’ on these topics.