Friday, March 10, 2017

Better Science Communication?

Why people behave irrationally, is a question that always interested me. All my books deal with this in some form. One of the things mentioned in the National Academies Press phamlet on science communication, Communicating Science Effectively:  A Research Agenda, I think summarizes this quite well. "A common assumption is that a lack of information or understanding of science fully explains why more people do not appear to accept scientific claims or engage in behaviors or support policies that are consistent with scientific evidence. The research on science communication, however, shows that audiences may already understand what scientists know but, for diverse reasons, do not agree or act consistently with that science. People rarely make decisions based only on scientific information; they typically also take into account their own goals and needs, knowledge and skills, and values and beliefs."
Therefore, isn't there a need for scientists or science enthusiasts to act more proactively? Also, resources wasted for overcoming public reluctance in trying out new vistas of science, can then be redirected to public good? (Assuming none trumps!)

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