Wednesday, March 22, 2017


'EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE' by MTD Training tells what emotional intelligence is, and how, by understanding it can take one's leadership and management skills to the next level.Frankly, before reading this book I used to be amused at the possibility of sustained and predetermined action to improve our emotional control, which I took as a part one's personality.
This book changed all that. We know, self control is the ability to stop and think before acting. To extend that to emotional control, what one needs to do is to reflect on why one lost control, the book says. The book begins with an overview of emotional intelligense with a good description of the theories extant, followed by its relevance in our workplaces. A deeper insight is then given, acquainting the reader with various models of emotional intelligense and how, these help us in appreciating our living style better.
Then explained is the mechanism of getting emotionally upset. How our present is always in the hands of two main emotions - desire and fear, and how these can contribute to it. Which is followed by discussions on self awareness and social awareness.
The last chapter, which comes next, is devoted to deliberations about the rather wide field of social skills. How one can benefit from emotional strength, in having better productivity, friendly relationships, and to keep the general quality of life, high.