Thursday, February 9, 2017


'A Brief Guide to LIVING WITH DANGER' by Mike Dixon tells the story of a research astronomer's stints with public relations, journalism, diving, tourist operations and writing.

The author's journey begins with the adventures of sky diving and wingsuit flying. From there to formation skydiving, surfing, and through the wonders of the deep shown by scuba diving, it continues to rock climbing, not to mention the rise in adrenaline due extreme surfing and shark feeding.
The book then goes on to give some romantic descriptions of many, severe, natural disasters, mass extinctions, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc, as well as the hot topic of these days, climate change.
The hazards faced by female patrons of nightclubs, as well as the nasty things that can happen guys find a mention. Other issues affecting our society, like precocious puberty in girls, falling sperm count in males, and incidents of antibiotic resistant bacteria brings the book to a close.

I found this a real page turner. Every page, every line and every word contain meaningful information, that too movingly presented. The book offers good many helpful hints for those going for adventure in such dangerous and tricky sports. Like, 'Carry lots of spare water. I use 2-litre plastic milk bottles, which are easy to pack amongst luggage, Take a mobile phone but don't count on reception everywhere. Better still: take a satellite phone, Take spare fanbelts, spare radiator hoses and jump leads.', etc.

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