Saturday, February 18, 2017

Book Review: The Stupider Sex

'The Stupider Sex'
by Elizabeth and Roland Ratface is a running argument between Roly and Liz on wide ranging variety of issues, questions one frequently does encounter in life. Starting with a curling iron, the authors explore the whole lot of experiences, a couple can possibly exposed to. Quite natural they are, when they describe the silliness in the other's response to each and every situation, a providential opportunity to learn which sex is stupider. This study is all the more worthwhile because it highlights the very essence of why men and women go so well together. Each is a unique creature, and with widely different views.

The book is beautifully summarized at the end. "Simply put, men and women need to be patient with each other, and stop criticizing each other. Both genders need to stop saying and implying that the other gender is stupid, and instead to patiently LISTEN and try to understand each other. And even if understanding is not fully accomplished, men and women should at least respect each other's right to differ, and not be too insistent that the other change their thinking."

As I have observed in all the books I have read on such topics, this book also does not give a unique reason behind the distinctive differences between men and women. though it provides a good picture of it.