Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review: The Little Book of Cliches

'The Little Book of Clich├ęs - From everyday idioms to Shakespearian sayings' by
Alison Westwood is a friendly book.

This small book won't leave one high and dry. It contain enough phrases to tide over any hiatus on account of cliches expressions. Which can make the remarks we use, memorable and entertaining. Grouped under Animal inanities, Biblical biddings, Roman remarks, Shakespearian sayings, Nautical nuggets, and Miscellaneous maxims, this collection is capable of adding style to an otherwise nondescript article. 
Whether the topic is of history or mystery, of humans or of animals, land warriors or of sea farers, of lazy fools or or lost romatics as well as of matters of sundry interest, this book can give a fitting addition or riposte.
This is a helpful companion for those labouring with writing something attractive, like me! A good index and navigation ease make this book really simple to use too.