Saturday, February 11, 2017

Book Review:Off Your Face

Off Your Face: A snappy guide to the fun art of face reading, by Julie Ihle, makes one ready to 'Face Facts – What Your Face Reveals'. The book acquaints us about the relationship between personality and facial features, while going ahead with a crisp discussion on the various features, every face hides. Thereafter, the five common shapes like round face, oval face, and others are discussed. The windows of the soul, the eyes are considered, demarcating between them based on their shape and other features. Now comes the nose, which is shown to hide many appealing aspects of every individual, as well as, some not so desirable traits. What can hide in our lips, and what lies between the lips and the nose, is then described. Whether earlobes or our hair styles, eyebrows or our cheeks, no part of our face is free of how we feel.
I found this quite interesting. May be I like to ogle, but this book has given me enough reasons to do so - there are far too many distinctive features on every face, to fill my curiosity for many days to come.