Monday, March 19, 2018

Book Review: Are Men The Weaker Sex?

'Are Men The Weaker Sex?' by Josette Sona
This is an interesting book. It rightly mentions women as more faithful in relationships, sees women more often with self control, and credit women with better manners. The difference between men and women, the book rightly points out, is that when boys are abused, they often grow up to be abusers, while when girls are abused, they often grow up to be abused themselves.
Some observations may be controversial, like, men are not strong enough to be faithful. The book also peeps into the double standards society has, like an imposing  woman is called a troublemaker while a man is called assertive. And why is society like this?, the book then asks. "It can be traced back to the origins of the human race", it replies. Here I disagree. The popular vision of a weaker female sex coupled with a role of greater responsibility, the male had to face while formation of the initial human societies, is the reason, says the book. Which, like all the other books on such topics, presents and strengthens a popular idea without a real proof. 
Except for a few minor comments like this, I am in agreement with the author. Who can disagree, when the book says "one of the reasons there is sexism/misogyny is because women are the stronger sex - even though we've been told repeatedly, throughout history, that women are the weaker sex. And a lot of men are often jealous of, threatened by, and even have a hatred for women because of this."

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