Saturday, March 17, 2018

Arrow of Evolution

Arrow of evolution interests me. Going by the well known principle of increase in entropy over time, life should have been moving in a direction of increase of liveliness, as newer and newer species evolve. Liveliness, for each form of life, can be taken as the sum of, housekeeping efforts and the wide range of activities resulting from its interaction with the environment. For later species of life, like mammals, there being greater and wider interaction with environment as we go forward in the tree of evolution, housekeeping efforts show a decline. So for humans, even lesser should have been the time and energy spent for housekeeping activities. 
In reality, it is not so. Human is devoting the lion's share of its activities towards management and control of the current organization of the species, like its rearrangement, cosmetic changes, and other issues related to daily subsistence. Either the principle of entropy is incorrect, or the excess housekeeping is for escaping from something else, or the arrow of evolution is wrong. One can take the first, as well as the last mentioned causes as highly improbable, both being supported by well established theories. In such a case, the second one becomes the real cause. Which again proves my theory of The Unsure Male, correct!

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