Friday, March 9, 2018

Stray Thoughts

All of us tend to go irrational, though we would like to identify ourselves as rational beings. Sometimes it is nothing but stretching a rational idea to the irrational extent. Sometimes the idea itself is irrational, but we invent imaginative excuses. Or it can be a combination of these. 
Then we take different ways to amalgamate the irrational with our life. One popular way is to choose paths like benevolence, religion, or violence(terror), where there is no need for prior preparation. Some stick to more complex ones like unknown or imaginary entities (if those turn out to be right sooner or later, they get rewarded immensely in arts or science), which perhaps involves considerable efforts, and  also are resource intensive. But the easiest way is to go for terrorism. Where extremes of anything is a good fit.

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