Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Book Review: Avoiding a Mark on History

'Avoiding a Mark on History' by Peter Rodman. This tiny book begins with a declaration: We all are destined to leave nothing to show that one ever existed. Those who think otherwise will have to take efforts necessary to bring in changes to this. Getting well ahead (to become wealthy or powerful), making a mark (to be remembered for an accomplishment), leaving something behind (often, too many children), or be a famous one (to be mourned when dead), are only some ways. Thereafter, the book examines many ways of achieving this. For example, one can make a mark, either by discovering something helpful, or by killing an important person/many unimportant ones, or by creating original art, literature, music, or philosophy, etc. If one is not a genius, only theft, fraud, greed, duplicity, cruelty, murder, guilt, and egotism remain as tools, else you will be lost in the historical chaff of simple, decent people.
I found this an interesting look at human nature. Greatness is good, only because it is hailed at all times. Mediocrity is not very popular, only because it is despised beyond imagination. Though it is not good for the welfare of our race, we live thus. That is, extolling the great, to it's limits, and demeaning the common, in a limitless manner, proliferate in our midst. Why? (Another thought that supports my views!)