Saturday, November 11, 2017

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Caste : The Unexplored Territories
Why caste, a relic of the dark ages, did not evolve into a modernized version in the natural course of events, though other remnants of that era gave way to modernism. Why it didn't whither away, though there is nobody who does not earnestly say that they want to see its' demise. This book is trying to answer that by taking a unique approach the problem. Although what is vogue is to consider caste as something imposed from above, sufficient reasons are given pointing to the contrary and explaining why people would have been in more or less consonance with this system.    

The Unsure Male
The unsure male reveals how, female species across the board happen to civilize Male, and for what benefit. Also, what makes the male willingly go for it. How and why male learns to stretch, whatever may be of interest, to its limits, and immerse in it. How that led to formalities, niceties and all forms of extremism, including the few that are a grave threat to happy living, and the many that are helpful, enjoyable or life saving.
(When writing this book, I never thought the ideas presented here in a lighter vein will prove to be of great significance, more so to the present global happenings)

Autobiographical anecdotes written by a "common man with an uncommon family"

Hubs that Provoke
A non-fiction philosophical collection, intended to provoke, even infuriate the reader at times. Observations about libido and gender, discussions on religion, contrasting the material and the spiritual worlds, views about terrorism and extremism, reviews of GMO crops, chemical fertilizers and organic farming, many facets of global warming with discussion about how, differing philosophies may see the phenomena as something to adapt to rather than to attempt to curtail, are some of ‘touchy’ the topics covered here.
A SciFi novel, about an inventor who travels to the future. He goes to 3000 AD and meets with our successors. He happens to learn certain horrible stories of our coming years before reaching the point of no return.

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