Monday, October 23, 2017

Book Review: Designing for Emotion

 How to make, what we make, remarkable? How can we make our work to stand out from the rest. 'Designing for Emotion' by Aarron Walter
 is a book about such questions. In the first chapter, Emotional Design, author examines the path human progress took through industrial revolution, and how the presence of human hand in everyday objects slowly faded. Thereafter comes the principle to be kept in mind: 'people will forgive shortcomings, follow your lead, and sing your praises if you reward them with positive emotion'. How, emotional design can turn casual users into fanatics ready to tell others about their positive experience. A chapter about the psychological firmware we share and, how to make a foundation on which we can build emotional design strategies, then follows.
 which describes the use of various techniques to adapt to our environment, like contrast. The influence shown by our unique qualities and perspectives we possess, also referred to as personality, is what is covered next. Quite intuitively, how to correct if we make mistakes here, is then covered. As all brand personalities may not accord the liberal use of say, humor. there are times where we need to resort to different emotions. The last chapter looks so natural, I wonder why I haven't been able to see it elsewhere. It explains how to express your failings without losing the goodwill of your audience.
I found this a very interesting read. Simple principles, quite logical explanations, and a plethora of real life stories for validation. It made one thing amply clear to me: preserving the human touch and showing ourselves in our work isn't optional: it’s essential.
 And it is all written in this book.

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