Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Book Review: 500 Words To Save The World

'500 Words To Save The World' by Stephen S. Nazarian, is author's idea of a community where like-minded people could discuss challenges and solve problems together. In the beginning itself, the book attacks a serious issue facing any society - unemployment. Author comes with a classic response: why not redefine unemployment rate as labour under-utilization rate? It then becomes the responsibility of those governing to see that things are utilized properly.
The next one is about the much bloated government bureaucracy, how to replace it with a door on which anyone can knock. A one about encouraging all to fix things by oneself, and another one extolling the virtues of diversity, then follow.
The conclusion of the book brings its title to focus - it encourages one and all, in five hundred words, to start actions in the desired direction, without waiting for all the answers.
This short book bring to focus, the power of little things, and more importantly, how the cascading effect of the insignificant, can solve big things.