Thursday, October 12, 2017


Book Review: DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE by KEN PIERCE. The book begins with an intelligent observation which looks obvious once it is expressed. We have people with different behavioral traits that are quite apart. In nature all these would have been of helping us to survive and so had a useful purpose. In short, an annoying behavior need not be annoying to all, and may be even of help to some. 
The book the talks of the need to focus both externally and internally to understand what is going on with people and organizations. How that will affect respect, trust, resentment, relationships, productivity, and a host of other parameters are examined next.
How to amalgamate nature's laws with the findings so far, is the topic covered next. While analyzing people and their motives, the book introduces choice theory, especially to guide difficult people to their gifts of inspiration, loyalty, leadership, etc. Seven principles which will provide the basis for communicating effectively with difficult people is covered next. Knowing them will give an understanding of why people are perceived as difficult and using them will enable one to deal with such people much more easily.
The last chapter, The Best Way to Deal with Difficult People, talks of the three ways of communicating with people, namely, carefully, carelessly, and in a caring way. In this book, caring communication is suggested as the way to follow. A summary then follows, which presents the essence of this discussion, in the form of twenty one keys to be kept in mind.
I think this a helpful book, not only to those engaged in managing personnel, but also to all who would like to be rational.