Friday, September 8, 2017

What is Beyond Einstein program?

Beyond Einstein program by NASA is a bold attack on the deepest mysteries of nature, since Einstein sought, but never achieved, an understanding of how nature works at its
deepest level.  With Beyond Einstein, we seek that next level of understanding, which will employ a series of missions linked by powerful new technologies and complementary approaches to shared science goals. 

NASA’s program Structure and Evolution of the Universe (SEU) has
identified and prioritized the science objectives in space astrophysics:
1. Find out what powered the Big Bang;
2. Observe how black holes manipulate space, time, and matter;
3. Identify the mysterious dark energy pulling the Universe apart;
4. Explore the cycles of matter and energy in the evolving Universe; and
5. Understand the development of structure in the Universe.
The prioritized Roadmap is in good accord with the recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences, including the Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium and Connecting Quarks with the Cosmos reports.  Guided by the concerted efforts of the space astrophysics community, this Roadmap puts forward a single integrated program of five missions, technology, research, and education to address the highest priority objectives.  
This is the Beyond Einstein program.
And over the next decade, the Beyond Einstein missions will answer fundamental questions about the origin of the Universe and the nature of space and time.

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