Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Book Review: Socrates

Book Review: Socrates by Voltaire. This short book describes the last days of Socrates. How, as Socrates say, drinking of poison does not amount to a big thing.
To me, this book made one thing clear. The way Xanthippe, the wife, shows disagreement and reproachful behavior at Socrates's actions, particularly of deeds of benevolence to his friend's daughter, makes this thing quite plain. Domineering is not new for conjugal life, Socrates can vouch for it.
This is followed by a description of his trial and judgement. "Socrates, you are accused of being a bad citizen; of corrupting the youth; of denying the plurality of the gods; of being a heretic, deist, atheist. Answer." How his replies are seen as blashphemy, and how he meets with his end. That is, after telling "Reflecting that pleasure comes from pain. It's in this manner that Eternal Happiness will be born from the miseries of life", he drinks the poison.

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