Sunday, September 24, 2017

Future, again!

 Is another industrial revolution is in the offing? It seems, if the discussions during the meeting of the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable of USA, concerning the expected salient features, namely, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and the internet of things, is anything to go by.
The meeting homed on the main principles that may characerize the future revolution, as the following:
1.Think about Systems, not Technologies. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will have civilization-changing impact—on species, on the planet, on geopolitics, and on the global economy. Also, wealth creation and aggregation supported by this phase of technological innovation may challenge societal commitments to accessibility, inclusivity, and fairness and create the need for relentless worker re-education or re-deployment.
2. Technology to Empower, not to Determine. This is a strong possibility, since we are in mastering the use of technology to further our interests, than be caught in its force.
3. A Future, as we design. As inter governmental co-operation is on the increase, this is a likely scenario. Discussions about these topics shall cross national boundaries and other interests.
4. Value as a designed feature than an Accedental Gift. The experience of living thus far and meeting the challenges we have faced would have made us learn the most important requirements of a good life, namely, preseving common good, minding environment, and giving primacy to human dignity.
Those who take leadership in these areas are poised to take the leadership of the world of the coming generations.