Saturday, June 10, 2017

about Threshold

Let us talk about physical systems. Things we have built that work mechaninally, electrically, etc. What ensures that these entities work properly. We constantly monitor certain operating parameters of each and every component that make up the particular system/equipment, sometimes known as thresholds, and see to it that none of those cross certain limit. When a malfunction occurs anywhere, the first thing we look for is to locate, where such a thing took place, and when located, we make it ok, and the thing is back to normal.
Why don't we follow such an approach in our social life. Now, wherever we find an eruption in human society, we suddenly wake up with a horde of corrective actions, most of which, to our own discomfort. Instead, why don't we establish a threshold for all our transactions, monitor all those continuously, and take corrective steps whenever any of those cross the set threshold? Why wait for a malfunction?

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