Thursday, June 8, 2017

A new psychology?

Today, we understand that infectious diseases like flu, chickenpox and pneumonia are caused by microscopic organisms – bacteria and viruses. This, the germ theory of diseases, in fact opened our eyes. Without this knowledge, we might have never developed ways to treat and prevent such infections.

In a similar manner, why we don’t have a theory for psychological issues? In fact all our issues in the behavioral plane can be grouped as misplaced or incongruent responses, whether as actions, reactions, or other expressions. While seeking the origin of such incongruence, one thing is becoming clear. Our adherence a particular set of responses, which we term as the appropriate ones, is what is making our current response, unacceptable. In fact, as our adherence to any such established responses can effectively make each of our natural responses, into an issue. In short we can say that conditioned behavior is acting like a germ. Whatever psychological issues are there in our midst could be happening as a result of some of the impediments we impose on our conduct, either on our own or by others.