Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Review: Cool It

'Cool It!' by Carole Spiers is a book about Anger Management & Conflict Resolution
. This is important, since it can lead to untold damage both to the organisation and the individuals involved. The book begins with an overview of the three essential methods of conflict resolution - negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Next chapter deals with conflict, where the emphasis is on taking positive action. Different categories of conflict are then analyzed, with a discussion about violence and aggressive behavior. Strategies for effective management of conflict is discussed next. In addition to the three essential methods, a more helpful and productive way to deal with this is identified here, prevention.
The book then describes verious techniques of communicating effectively, like, active listening, summarizing, paraphrasing, re-directing criticisms to one's advantage, etc. It familiarizes us with a bunch of additional skills needed for conflict management - like the power of conciliatory approach.
Conflict reduction planning is then discussed, how to identify problems, and evolve sets of solutions. In all our discussions the actual strategy adopted will greatly depend on the personality type of those involved, and a discussion on different styles of personality and the effective approach to be taken while confronting people of each style, is covered next.
This I think is a bible, as far as conflicts go.