Sunday, December 4, 2016

Generalized Peter’s Principle for Life

If we extend Peter’s Principle and examine each and every species of life to see how well they execute the functions coming under their purview, humans stand apart. The abject inadequacy of their actions vis-à-vis survival of the race, I think can easily show, humans are beings at the level of their incompetence.

The issue:

Why is human society never in a state of peace? This was (even now is) the question that prompted me to start many of my books and most of my ‘hubs. While exploring a particular case of upheaval, whatever reason I could find within the lingering discontent in the society was further examined in those writings. The most potent conclusion I could derive from this was this - the ambiance of discontent pervading the human race, is a leftover from the post-mating trauma of the animal world.

Is that it? Why is that we are not able to realize the presence of something as natural as that? Or, aren’t we already accommodating it just like all other species, as one of the distinct features of the human race? If so, how exactly does it manifest while giving rise to such disturbances? Won’t there be some additions to our life, both external and internal, that is causing this? If so, what are those?

The Answer: