Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Most Significant Question?

What is the future of matter? What is the future of life?
These may be the most pertinent questions, our future generations will ever face.

At present, I think matter is being thought of as something having a life cycle, which can be identified with the life cycle of a star. That is, NEBULA - STAR - RED GIANT - RED DWARF - WHITE DWARF – SUPERNOVA - NEUTRON STARS - BLACK HOLES. Hence what we consider as matter would only be one of the forms of matter, perhaps corresponding to the state of a star as STAR. Nebulae, which generally form from the gravitational collapse of gas in the interstellar medium, cause this cycle to go on. As the material collapses under its own weight, massive stars continue to form in the center, replacing those that went on to become a red giant etc. And this enables the continuation of this cycle. I think we need to examine, what form, matter will take in each of the other states of a star, NEBULA, RED GIANT etc.

Similarly, if we look at life and evolution, we can see life beginning with single celled organisms. As described in my book, The Unsure Male, for escaping from the agony involved with the reproduction process, evolution comes in, with each new species having better ways to allay this agony, compared to its predecessor. Life thus continues through many intermediate forms to reach finally, the human form. And for want of an agent for promoting it, which I have tried to describe in the same book, evolution is likely to come to a full stop with humans. Or in other words, the life cycle of life, which begins with single celled organisms, comes to an end with humans. Life’s path therefore is, UNICELLULAR – INTERMEDIATE FORMS like reptiles, birds, fish, mammals etc – HUMANS. Human is the only species where the reproduction process is devoid of visible agony, which is a strong indication that the process of evolution is coming to its end with this species.