Sunday, May 22, 2016

Book Review: Gypsies of Goa, it's a Hippy Trail

Gypsies of Goa, it's a Hippy Trail by Sunil Joglekar is an epic. Davis and Dave sets out from England for an adventure trip to Goa. Davis, with the taste of a successful divorce, and Dave with that of an unsuccessful marriage. In Goa, Davis get attracted to a gypsy maiden Shanti and makes her join him in England. Circumstances change and with Dave's death, they proceed again to Goa, this time with Mary Ann, Dave's wife, tagging along. There they get entrapped with drug peddlers, local politicians, police authorities and many people from the Goan countryside to take the adventure to its crescendo. In the meantime, Davis buys properties where he plans to continue the happy times with Shanti. And his life follows with unexpected twists and turns...
Gypsies of Goa... left with me, a trail of happy thoughts. This book is full of memorable characters. Laxmi and Shanti with their innocence, Mary Ann with her exuding sensuality, Dave, the unforgettable one for his sincerity, and Almeida, the epitome of virility are only some of the more notable ones. Jogi has selected the characters too deftly, and I am at a loss to say who is more memorable. However, their footprints shall remain with me for many stories to come.
One final word. Jogi is my good friend, but he must have been hiding something from me. For, I find it difficult to believe that this is his debut novel.

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