Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Review: Suppression of Inventions and other Discoveries

Suppression of Inventions and other Discoveries’ by Jonathan Eisen chronicles one of the darkest sides of our culture. As the topics of misinformation, campaigns, attacks by orthodoxy and other unpalatable wrongs is a good fit for a large collection I think, the author has grouped this book into four sections.
In section I, alternative medicine is examined with emphasis on the way modern medicine. How the medical companies and their agents have constantly obstructed any foray into new fields, however nontoxic and inexpensive, the methods of medical treatment proposed. How, a large multitude of suffering patients with serous degenerative illnesses like AIDS, cancer etc are denied possible cure as a result of such obstructionist approaches.
Section II deals with the efforts taken by organized science to suppress independent research, especially of unorthodox in nature. How the state has constantly resorted to burning of books, destroying laboratories and obstructing pure thought. Selective suppression of certain works of Freud, the water wizard, Schauberger, Egyptian history and Dr Velikovsky, Neurophone which works towards enabling one to hear sounds utilizing signals from the skin and Dr Batteau, are some of the notable instances covered here.
Section III is about UFO and extra terrestrials and the involvement in these, by governments. How certain enthusiasts of science beat anti-gravity and how their discovery do not fit into the current view, how they establish a connection between electricity and gravity, and how they encounter discouragement from every quarter of state and its authority, are discussed in this section. Critical insight into the many sightings of UFO as well as, the controversies surrounding the US Moon mission and its historical background are few of the exciting parts of this section.
Section IV is about the quest for fuel savers and the call for alternate energy and how that is stymied by established science. Pogue’s research into the possibility of utilizing fuel vapor, the aura around Nikolai Tesla, Lester J Hendershot’s machine utilizing the magnetic field of Earth, Henri Moray’s foray into Radiant Energy, Pacheko and the technology to trap hydrogen, are some of the interesting descriptions contained here.
This book is an eye opener. It familiarized me with two things. People take a lot of interest in exploring, collecting data, analyzing and reaching conclusions. People also take a lot of interest in preventing someone from exploring, collecting data, analyzing and reaching conclusions. The former, I knew. Now I know the latter.

Each chapter of this book presents a unique case of unparalleled machination, and there is suspense at every turn of page. I found this book arousing, one that will also leave you with a plethora of thoughts.