Monday, April 16, 2018

Missing the Forest for the Trees

I can see it more and more clearly nowadays, human beings like to to indulge with the irrational, that too without any worry about the repercussions. When it is about the abstract elements of life, we celebrate it as unique elements of human race, calling it dogma, superstition, tradition, culture, etc. When it is about things like aadhaar, income tax returns, PAN cards, or linking all of those, we overlook the irrational in it, calling it hegemony of the ruling, or forward looking vision, as appropriate. When it is about things like rape, or something that can be given a color, we again overlook the irrational in it, calling it a dastardly deed. Why is it like that?
I think, the irrational in our society happens to be helpful to us. Sometimes appealing to all, or generally beautiful, and may be a few times, not so. When it is the former, we see providence, luck, or hard work; and we venerate, celebrate, or reward appropriately. But when it is the latter, and when we can't close our eyes to it, we might make some noise, and object.
Because, we are always enamored by the irrational.

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