Monday, April 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Why Men and Women Can't Be Friends'

 'Why Men and Women Can't Be Friends' by Oliver Markus Malloy
"Men and women often fundamentally misunderstand each other, as some of the studies I quoted in this book have shown. For example, women tend to misinterpret a man's sexual interest as "just being friendly" while men misinterpret a woman's friendliness as sexual interest." 'Why Men and Women Can't Be Friends' will change the way we think about men and will never misinterpret their actions again.
Telling that men are pigs and the romance novels are the last places, a real one can be found, the author goes on to examine the meaning of life. And finds the answer disappointingly simple, mating. Followed by the treaures of raising a family. 
Author then finds that an unnatural custom lies with humans - monogamy. Not only that it is a rarity among mammals, but also the ones who "practice any form of monogamy" are not truly monogamous. Quoting instances of violent suppression of the defeated side, author mentions that the desire of the winning side was to rape as many as possible. While examining other facets of male famale interation, like romantic relationships, the only interest, the male have, is of the sexual vein.
Men and women can't think of mere friendship, the author finds.
Though I agree that sex plays an important part in the male famale imbroglio, I differ with the author. It is not sexual gratification that the males seek, but an escape from the implied responsibility of the male. Which leads to all the instances of 'fundamental misunderstanding', as rightly proposed by the author.

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