Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Is Turbulence Inevitable?

Why should human society be turbulent!
I think every pack behaves as the leader does, which is clearly observable, when we watch other beings like birds. And they live in harmony. What about humans?
We can be as we want. Or, as far as we are concerned, the choice is unlimited. Or, is it?
Actually human choice is not of things, but of an abstract property associated with things, which we define as it's attribute.
Everything is a mixture of attributes, some of which makes us like a thing, and some others, cause us to dislike. When we compare things, we actually match the good attributes of things we like, with the bad attributes of things we dislike. Obviously, things we like, always will be coming out in brighter colors. Also, since one man's comparison can never be right for anyone else, all things will get it's turn to be assessed as desirable, sometime. And all members of the human society will be living in total harmony. This is how we should have been.
But what is actually happening with human society is something different. We have, some of us constantly engaged in such comparisons and making various decrees. And the remaining many of us quietly following those guidelines or limits. Now there is always a possibility of some of these limits being unacceptable to some of us. But, we cannot make a change, since those limits are very much acceptable to a reckon-able few. As long as all people does not fancy the same thing, our society will not be at ease.
But both are happy. The ones who make, can find fault with others for not following those decrees. And others can blame, for making decrees that can't be followed.
I think this is how, human society happens to be turbulent!

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