Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Book Review: Conscious Body Language

'Conscious body language: Your most sensational soft skill' by Kurt Larsson, as the book mention, is a little primer of conscious body language and soft skills. This book invites us to taste how much more of life is there for actual experience. It also explains how rich, one can make one's professional life too. The book begins with a discussion about Peak hard skills, observing the way people are moving towards soft skills in their effort to conjoin one's success, health and peace of mind. How the fast progressing digital world has altered the old habitual behavioral patterns people were used to.
Next chapter is devoted to learning and practical application of soft skills in a way that one can actually feel the transformation of one's message from “business as usual” into something sensational. This is followed by a talk on inspiration. As can be expected, the discussion veers around certain unseen aspects. "Inspire comes from Latin and means to “breathe in Spirit”. Breathing in Spirit is actually the advanced version as just the process of inhaling more air can make a very inspiring difference." How, getting permission beforehand prevents intrusion into listener’s personal space, how to get one's thoughts, words and body language in line and aimed towards a common goal, and how, resonating with enjoyment makes one's message more contagious, and thereby more effective, are some of the deep meaning topics elaborated here.
The book looks at many practical issues. "Will you still have the capability to respond if you are mad, have a tight deadline or an irate boss standing over you?"  Instead of merely answering questions as and when they arise, the book speaks of the need to ask oneself "What impression my answer will lead to, and to what effect?"
What one picks up from this book will be of instant use. The author has provided a variety of cases as examples, showing one the correct response. 
I enjoyed this book. It looks at the gamut of body language, rather than as an academic discussion, as a dynamic component of social transactions. Over and above the illuminating, intelligent descriptions, an 'author's mark' is visible throughout the book. For example, while exhorting the need to be decisive, the book mentions, "decide originates from the same family of words like homicide, genocide, or suicide. It means, to kill all alternatives". 
A brilliant effort indeed.