Tuesday, December 12, 2017


'151 AMAZING MONEY SECRETS - What the Rich Know About Money and Their Secrets to Success & Prosperity!' by NJ BRIDGEWATER. The purpose of this book is to share 151 quotations from great thinkers of the past, which contain the essential keys to building wealth and prosperity in the modern world. I haven’t included quotations from all of the top businessmen of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Much wisdom from both classical and more recent sources, and quotations about Bitcoin, as well as a few about gold. Chapter 1 is about the mindset, the idea of abundance, and the sense of opportunity that one needs. Next chapter is filled with quotations, introducing the nature of different investments like gold, bitcoin, etc. Which is followed by one containing the definitions of the important variables of making money, like, wealth, savings, talents, etc. A chapter about building one's business, which present quotes about finding one's niche, advertising, marketing, and other aspects is followed by one about the need to focus. And a few more ones about the ultimate success of a gentleman's quest brings the book to a close.
I found this book a light, enjoyable read. Quite motivating, many of the words are, and, given that they are from the best of the brains, these force one to pay attention. A good collection of meaningful 'quips' indeed.

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