Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Fermi Paradox: Is This an Answer?

The Fermi Paradox: Many stars are older than the sun and the evolution of intelligence on Earth was a long and slow process. There is every reason to suppose therefore that intelligent life could have appeared on other worlds long before ours. Assuming more or less uniform conditions throughout galaxies, we should expect that technological civilizations have arisen millions if not billions of years ago. But it is just 5,500 years since the earliest writing in Ancient Sumeria and Egypt, 400 years since the first telescope, 120 years since the first radio communications and 30 years since the dawn of the World Wide Web.

If my finding I proposed in my book 'The Unsure Male' is right, the brilliant technological advance of our civilization, to a substantial degree, happened as efforts taken by human beings in avoiding post mating agony. And in that case, we need not expect such a technological civilization as ours, elsewhere. Could this be an answer to the Fermi paradox?