Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Predictions

As days go by, my predictions regarding the future of humans, especially the females and mainly focused of their social stature, (mentioned in my book: The Unsure Male) seem to be becoming more and more aligned with reality. Events of significance are taking place one after the other, that too with the pace turning quicker every day.
Take their attire, for example. Earlier itself a few murmurs were in the air, surreptitiously at least, about the demeaning dresses females have to wear in swimming pools, beauty contests and other social gatherings. Now, not only that all those dresses are going to be done away with, as far as contestants of such events go, all other females including athletes are required to wear more ‘appropriate’ dresses (whatever that may mean).
Or take academic restrictions for girl students. For example, see the recent instructions regarding utilization of library facility, that, it is not to be used at times that is not one of the prescribed hours. More restrictions are now being mooted, for time, dress etc., like proscribing sleeveless blouse and skirt.
Of course, all such impositions cite many incidents, where women or girl students are subjected to wanton disturbance. Why don’t we see that they are being constantly subjected to such awful things exactly for this reason, i.e., as an excuse for introducing new restrictions? And these attacks will act as a clarion call for those looking to justify harsher treatment of females?